Farm Safety Walks


Take a walk around a local farm and discover the hidden, and not-so-hidden risks that could put you, your staff and family in danger.

Who will benefit from this training?

Every person living or working on a property should attend a farm safety walk.

Both employers and employees alike will gain knowledge in farm safety that can be implemented straight away in their day-to-day routine.

How does the learning happen?

This workshop is a casual morning with your neighbours on a local farm. Facilitated by Partners In Ag, Farm Safety experts take you on a tour highlighting the simple ways to improve the safety of your machinery, reducing injury to you, your staff and family.

Outcomes for participants:

  • Learn how to identify and reduce risks on your farm
  • Reduce staff injuries
  • Reduce equipment breakdowns
  • Better understanding of paperwork, policies and procedures around OH&S
  • Learn the types of Personal Protective Equipment available and when to use them